We specialize in medium-to-large urban home make-overs, updating and enhancing comfortable and livable homes for families of all shapes and sizes. 

Q Street Residence

This town home, constructed in the late 19th Century, has found new life through a total make-over, including major structural alterations. It has become an urban playhouse for a Logan Circle power couple.
This home was featured in Home & Design Source book.


Oxford Residence

What makes a residence?  Of course:  living space, with someplace to cook, someplace to bathe and someplace to sleep.  But every residence should offer more:  views to the outdoors, access to the outdoors, places for graceful human interaction. When one’s site faces the Tred Avon River in unimaginably lovely Oxford, Maryland, one can hope for even more.  Broad views of the beautiful river of course…but carefully aligned, more southerly then westerly, to control marine glare.  In the process of siting and aligning this large residence, we used the angles between rooms to create through-house views and happy surprises, like the welcoming hearth which appears around the bend in the stair.

Urban Kitchen Renovation

We transformed the dark and dingy Kitchen of this dated condo in Adams Morgan into a bright and happy place! 


Sackets Harbor Residence

During the War of 1812, British Marines swept ashore at Sackets Harbor, New York. Thirty years later this stone and timber foundry was built overlooking the harbor on Lake Ontario. More than 150 years after that, Rippeteau Architects has turned the ancient stone structure into a gracious home.

The old foundry required extensive architectural alteration that Rippeteau Architects designed to suit strict zoning and historic preservation requirements of the local government.

The original structure has been preserved. Inside, a series of well-connected spacious rooms are fitted with every modern convenience.


palisades Residence

Alterations to an existing residence, including a library/family room and screened-in porch. Clockwise from above: the completed new fireplace and library, detail of the clerestory window, a rendering of the library and a sketch drawn by Darrel Rippeteau of the design.

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