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Snaps from our Client:

"As business owners in the city of Washington we wanted an architect who could take us all the way from concept design to finished product. We wanted style and grace in the design of our family - oriented fitness center...but we also wanted a focus on 'cost and completion'! We found everything we were looking for in Darrel Rippeteau and Annica Biegler of Rippeteau Architects, PC. They helped us evaluate alternative approaches to our program and its relationship to available lease spaces. Annica led us through the analysis process, which resulted in an exciting spatial layout taking full advantage of an industrial floor in a converted building. Rippeteau's design is luminous and a fun place for human interaction. But what really impressed us was their focus on how to put in the plumbing! They are great up front and behind the scenes!

Both Darrel and Annica were so focused and dedicated throughout our project -truly available at the most difficult of times to help troubleshoot construction building issues, and to patiently provide us with the information we needed to made a good decision. We are so proud of the end result. Our space is beautiful and functional, and we couldn't be happier with it!"

-Patrick & Melissa John

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