Architecture in Schools

Matches volunteer architects with public school teachers to enrich the learning experience of children. Architecture in Schools (AIS) reinforces core academic skills and teaches children how to exercise their analytical and creative skills through the architectural design process. AIS fosters a heightened civic consciousness, bridging the gap between what is learned in school and everyday life.


“Young people generate the excitement through their designs, generate funding by encouraging their employers to contribute financially, and generate public notice by putting on something so remarkable to look at. The end result is food transferred directly to pantries so people can eat it. It’s the perfect grass-roots effort." -Darrel Rippeteau
See the full Washington Post article with this quote here.

A nonprofit organization that holds an annual design and build competition to construct fantastic, giant sized structures made entirely out of canned food. In each city the structures are built and on display to the public; winners are declared and at the close of the competition the sculptures are dismantled and the food used in the structures is donated to local food banks for distribution to community feeding programs. Architects, engineers, designers, contractors, students and the local community come together to raise canned food with millions of pounds of food raised each year.

Catholic University of America

School of Architecture Sketchbook Prize

Rippeteau Architects sponsors the annual cash prizes for sketchbooks excellence, and organizes the judging by design/ arts personalities, encouraging achievement in drawing.

DCBIA Community Improvement Day

For over a decade Rippeteau Architects has been participating in the District of Columbia Building Industry Association’s (DCBIA) Community Improvement day volunteering our time along with other design and construction industry professionals to build and enhance a new community site. Year after year, the DCBIA's commitment to and involvement in the community continues to grow with bigger and more inspiring sites. 

The Builders’ Ball

The mission of the Builders’ Ball is to raise funds for local charities in the National Capital Area; bring together industry organizations to solidify support of the Design, Real Estate and Construction Industries; increase the recognition of the Building Industries’ contribution to the community; and to recognize those who have contributed to the industry. Check out a feature about the Builder's ball in the Washington Business Journal here.

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